Save XL file as Text(tab delimited.txt)

Hello everyone,

I would like to save an excel file (.xlsx) to a Text(tab delimited), (.txt)

My workflow is as follows:

  1. Read XL range into datatable (varDT)
  2. In output data table activity, Read (varDT) as input and output as text (varText).
  3. Write Text File base on (varText).

However the txt file created is commas instead of tab.
Is there a way to save a text file as tab delimited instead of commas?


Hey @Md_Hidayat!! Let’s find that solution!

-Step 2: Reading and storing this table.

-Step 3: Initially writing a .csv, so we get a correctly structured output and we can select the delimiter we want.

Activity properties:

-Step 5: Transforming the .csv file into .txt

-Step 6: Checking the result of the .txt file

Hope this helps!!

Thank you so much @gabrielribas4 !!!
The solution works as intended. :grinning:

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