Excel Application Scope - not progressing past Excel pop up

I’m using Excel Application Scope to open up an Excel file as part of a VLOOKUP exercise. The issue I’m having is the program seems to be stuck at the Excel Application Scope activity and not progressing to the next step for some reason. I have attached a screenshot of how it looks like. You can see that it remains stuck at Excel Application Scope and not progressing to the next step which is Send Hotkey. I’m using the send hotkey activity because I get the following ‘We can’t update some of the links…’ pop up as soon as my Excel doc is open. It looks like Uipath is struggling to know what to do with the Excel pop up. Does anyone know how I can get past the pop up?


Popup is not allowing excel to open, you will have to disable external links that your workbook has,
you can do it as following steps

Thanks so much @Pankaj.Patil

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