MS Excel unable to close the popups just before closing the application scope


Inside the Excel Application scope I am doing a set of copy and paste operations and finally saving the workbook.

Post which I am closing the workbook using the activity “Close Workbook”.

The workbook is closed successfully, and just before getting out of the excel application scope, the excel opens itself and popups the message “Update links…”.

UI Path got stuck in the “excel application scope unable to move further”.

I have tried parallel activity
On element appear, waiting for the popup

I have manually tried disabling the update links
I have manually went to edit links in the file menu and in the Startup prompt chose “Dont popup…” option

Nothing is working

MS Excel version 2010

A few ideas/options to consider:

  1. If you don’t output a workbook variable on your last excel application scope, it should close automatically once the scope finishes processing.

  2. If #1 above doesn’t work or isn’t acceptable, you can change the options within excel so it won’t pop-up that warning. This would be a one-time setup on all robots using excel.

  3. If #2 above is unacceptable, then you can use a parallel activity scope. On the left side you can use the close application and on the right side you can use a click activity to click the “continue” button.

I’d recommend #1, but if that isn’t working for some reason then I’d recommend going with #3

If you are sure Excel can be closed without issues, you can use Kill Process activity passing as name: “excel”.

I have tried all,and it still the issue is persisting

You have to replace your Close Application activities with Kill Process activity…

it is all about Ms-Excel set up.