How to handle excel pop up when opening the excel files


I am running an excel automation to loop the excel files. However, sometimes the excel will pop up and I need to click “dont update” manually in order to let the robot run .

I try to create a simple flow to check the box and click it, then put it on the excel application scope. However, it is still stuck on the applocation scope. Any thoughts???


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Use a parallel activity and use the excel application scope is one branch and the activities to click on the pop up in the other branch. It will handle the pop up when it occurs.
Let me know if it works



Thanks for your suggestion.
I have tried it before and now the process is stuck in “Element exists” like forever. Any thoughts??

Thanks again.

what’s the condition you given in decision flow activity.
I can also see you didn’t mention for false condition.
attach workflow if possible.

Thanks. I use a boolean on the output for “element exist” and my condition for flow decision is " boolUpdate=True" . I tried the “check update” independently and it worked. It just gets stuck on “element exists” when I put it on parallel.

Please see my workflow here. Thanks
Excel example.xaml (20.6 KB)

all looks fine for me.
Why don’t you use in sequence as you getting popup while you open the Excel post to that add Element Exist activity and Click on the popup and then Write Cell.

Thanks again. I tried it on my first approach already and it cant go on with the excel application scope.

Unfortunately i can’t get that popup window but anyway control going inside the “Check Update Exist” sequence and returning false as expected .
Could you please move “Write Cell” Activity inside “Check Update Exist” sequence and connect post to click on update.

Thanks. it’s still the same and cannot go inside excel application scope. Once I click the “Don’t update”, it will then proceed to excel application scope and works. However, I just dont want to mannually click the “dont update” everytime I encouter the same file.

Excel example_new.xaml (15.2 KB)

Check this xaml. let me know if this works


Thanks for your help. I tested it on Uipath and it’s still the same. It is still stuck on the ‘click’ action. I know it’s working individually. I will test it on another computer later. Again thanks for your help.


I was getting bit similar issue, Instead of Excel Activities I used Workbook activities. It worked for me.
As I was able to retrieve the data without actually opening it.


Thanks. Yes, I tested it too and It worked. However, I need to execute an macro code for the excel, and actually need excel application scope to execute the macro code.

How about disabling it?

I’m pretty sure .reg files could be done for it as well, so that the robot could run it before (disable) and after (enable) to keep security level constant for that machine.

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How about sending a hotkey whenever you open the Excel Application scope?
It should be the first activity in the Application Scope
May be Something like “Enter” or Tab + Enter or Simply Escape.

I tried it too. It was the same and still stucked on excel application scope. I think I have to disble the hyperlink warnings by reg files.

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I encounter the same issue.
Did you find a solution ?

From what I see, Excel Application Scope totally hung everything while it is not finished.
I’ve tried the hotkey in it, but it never launch it, hung before.
I’ve tried the pick activity, with the send hotkey but same issue, it seems to be waiting until Excel responds.

Well, no solution for the moment…


yes, no solution except turn off the pop up notification by default

So one thing which may help - in your parallel activities, make sure your ‘click update’ activity is to the left of the ‘excel application scope activity’. Even for parallel processing, one activity has to be triggered first, so the idea is that it’ll trigger the click activity before hanging on the excel application scope