How to disable / stop getting the "Update link" popup

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Im facing issue with respect to update link in excel. Any idea how to fix this?

I have an excel, where this excel is linked with several other files. Sometimes, whenever BOT tries to open the excel, it prompt a popup message called “Update link”.

Is there any way we can disable this popup?

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i dont know about disableing it , we faced this issues before , i suggest just make a condition to check the pop up and close it


The following settings might help you.

Note: ExcelProcess Scope and UseExcelFile are included in ModernExcel.


Hi @Ahmad_Rais ,

Yes, we can try that. But the problem is, My whole project is on excel itself. This popup, can appear any point of time while doing the excel operation. So, capturing the popup will help me to reduce number of times my projects goes to failed state. Is there any way, we can get permeant solution for this issue ?

I really Appreciate all the response :slight_smile:


Hi @Yoichi ,

Thank you for replying. Let me check on this. Im using enterprise edition. I will check if i have activity for this and get back soon


We have faced the same issue while we are dealing with lot of excels and those are having links with the other Excel files. Because of this reason we could see lot of un known popups related to update links.

We have discussed this popup issue with the business and got approval to break links after refreshing the data. We have done this break links by using vb code.

If you want I will share it with you the sample vb code. Thanks.

Hi @kirankumar.mahanthi1 ,

Thank you for replying. I will check with my business users and then i will get back to you.

Hi @Yoichi ,

I tried to do this, but this activity**(Excel process scope)** is part of studiox right ? And Im using studio. Since i have less knowledge about the studiox, Any idea on will it have any impact if i use studiox activities in studio ?



I tried to do this, but this activity**(Excel process scope)** is part of studiox right ?

No, ExcelProcessScope is for Studio (Modern Excel) as the following.

I think Modern Excel will be mainstream and there is no problem to use it.


You can check my solution here if using modern excel scope didnt solve it.

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