Excel Application Scope and Popup Message

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I currently have a process that reads an Excel document. This document is filled out by a user and later read by the robot. From time to time the user will copy and past data from one excel document to another which then includes an external link in the document the robot reads (User shouldn’t do it this way but it happens from time to time). Due to Microsoft Excels built in features, a warning box is displayed asking the user if they would like to update the documents… etc. This can cause the robot to be hung up for hours (15 hours last night).

I’ve thought of adding an element exists to the Excel Application Scope but the message is thrown at the Workbook Open and the process hangs before entering the scope. So this wont work.

I’m using UiPath.Excel.Activities 2.7.2. Is there a feature I can build into the process that can timeout? Anyone else face this issue in the past?

Hello Jarzzz,

I had a similar issue today and I solved by doing this:

  • Open the file by using “Start Process” activity to execute Excel and pass the filePath
  • Check for the popup element, if exists click (or send ESC) to close the popup
  • Use excel application scope on the same filePath to attach the window already open.
    Below the sequence added

Let me know if you need any help.


Thanks for the response! I ended up doing the same. Works pretty well.

For the response/solution, ill mark it as such.


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