Excel - Append single cell/String to next available row

I am trying to append a single cell (content is a single String) to the first column in the next available row. What is the most elegant way to do this? The only closest Excel append activity I can find is Append Range which takes in a DataTable as input. I want to use a single String as input.

How about…

1.Find the next available row
2.read that row as a range into a datatable object 3.add a columns to the dt
4.set the value
5.write the range

  • Read Range
  • Get rows count by assigning RowCount=DataTable1.rows.count
  • Write cell with range “A” + (RowCount+1).tostring

I was having big issue, got resolved with your help.
Big Thank you :+1:

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Hi @Vivek_Arunagiri/@mgosal,

I’m looking for a solution for the below

I need to enter the information which is split as (Evnvironment.NewLine) into a single cell of the excel sheet.

Thanks for ur help in advance.