Append excel values

Hello Team,
Help me for below requirement.
Every time when i run a bot it will give an string as an output.
We need to store string value in already created excel.
while storing string value in excel it should append previous value stored.


I don’t get the issue, did you try using the append activity?
Does it not work?

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Can u share the sample excel with some dummy data. And tell me where you want to store the string variable(which cell).

For instance :
when i run a bot next time i will output as “000000004256”
i need to store that number in A3 cell and same repeats .

If you are trying to write a datatable then Append Range activity will help.

If you want to write single string at the last, then you have to read the excel using read range and count the rows in the datatable, Then in a write cell activity pass the column name and the datatable rows count +1.

EX: “A” + dtExcel.Rows.Count.ToString - Inside a write cell activity.

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thanq @sarathi125 for your time

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