How to append values in the excel sheet row wise based on column

I want to write the values as shown below
I can iterate through Language1 Language2 language3,

But i dont know how to write the values below the headers, daily the values needs to be appended.

Anyone please help…



may i know how we are iterating here
–if in for each row loop we can use assign activity likke thiis
row(0) = "yourvalue"
row(1) = "yourvalue"

like that


we can use WRITE CELL activity as well

Cheers @RachelN

i used for each and gave as dt.rows and inside this for each another for each for columns as dt.columns

Now my for each interate all columns as language1,language2 like that.

but when i go to language1, i need to write 85 below that and then i have to move to language2.

I stuck here.

Please help @Palaniyappan

@RachelN Follow this steps

1)Create one integer counter variable and initialize with value 2
2) Use for each row and pass read range datatable
3) Use Write cell activity pass range with ”B”+counter.tostring with urvalue
4) Increment counter variable assign counter = counter+1

Good morning @RachelN,

It sounds like you should be able to take the following steps to resolve your issue.

  1. Read Range (entire table from Excel)
  2. Add Data Row (with your new values in the ArrayRow input)
  3. Write Range (overwrite your previous table in Excel with the new table containing the appended record)

Thanks @chenderson it worked!!!

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