How to append datatable into specific row in excel file


I am looking for solution how to append datatable (one row) in to specific position in excel file. That means:
1.datatable contain {collumn1,collumn2,collumn3}
2.excel - add new line in row number 9 -

3. paste data table into this new row
like this -
Thank you for support


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You can use Append Range activity

Hope this may help you


Thank @ksrinu070184 for welcome. Could you tell me how to set up append range activity to specific row?

Hi @jakub.blazek ,

Looking at the Screenshots , it appears We have to always Insert the Row at the Cell C9 ( Please Correct me if I am Wrong here !)
If that is the case - Cell Number is Fixed - Then follow the below Steps -

  1. Read the Excel using Excel Application Scope
  2. Use the Activity Insert/Delete Row at the position C9 and insert a new blank row.
  3. Once Inserted - Use write range to Write the Data in the Cell C9 (Assuming We only have one Row in the Datatable.)
  4. Incase you want to Copy the Formating Also from somewhere - use below activity


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It works thank you @mukeshkala mukeshkala

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