Append data table values to a single column in excel

Data table values are not fixed ,i.e number of values will be dynamic,Need to append all data table values into a single column.
Datatble values will not exceed mostly more than five values.

eg:If Datatable has hello and uipath rows, in excel it should be written as hello_uipath

You can use For Each Loop Activity and Append the strings.

For each item in Dt
if strAll.IsEmpty

strAll = item(0).ToString


strAll = strAll + “_” + item(0).ToString (26.2 KB)
Please find attached flow

Thanks for quick reply,I have to add single column value into a single row,in attached sample ,multiple columns were added
hello will be in first row
world will be in second row

In attached code output expected is 1_2_3_4

@ndivya Can u post sample excel and expected output? (26.2 KB)
Please find attached flow