Append value to existing excel cell

Hi guys,
I have a small query, Is it possible to append text in an excel cell that already has some text in it ? Example : Status column has values Success,Failure . Now I want to append text to Status column values dynamically . How can I do that?Any inputs shall be much appreciated!

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first read that cell data and then store it an variable then append data to that variable by using assign activity and then write it to excel.

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@kalyanDev - I am not using Write cell actually as Its taking lot of time . So i am using a normal Assign like row(“Status”)= “Success” and then Write range. So what I want is, is it possible to append another string to row(“Status”)=Success+“Another String” and Write range where ever required


yah this would work
like use FOR EACH ROW loop and pass the datatable as input
–inside the loop use a assign activity like this
row(“Status”) = “Success”+“Another String”
so that the row value will be updated in thecolumn status
–now use write range activity with same datatable as input

Cheers @Shailesh123

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