Excel Aplication Scope not save changes in my excel file

I have a flow that modifies an execel file using the Excel Application Scope activity, everything works correctly if I execute it in UiPath Studio but if I execute the process from the orchestrator automatically, the excel file does not save the changes visually I check that the actions are carried out but when opening the file the changes disappeared

Asi es como se ve mi Flujo en Studio donde si se guardan los cambios correctamente

Pero cuando se ejecuta desde lo publicado en el orquetador no guarda los cambios

alguien me puede yudar

Welcome @Jaime_Alberto_Gavilan_Sua,
Could you please share with us Excel activity properties also make sure from below
1- save changes option is checked.
2- try to run this Job direct from UiPath assistant direct from VM and run it to see what is the action is done and if there is any something error appear while execution.
please check and update us if above options not working

Ejecutando desde estudio si se guardan los cambios el problema es cuando se publica en el orquestador

could you please make sure from this option on your side also can you update us with Excel Activity version

Thanks for your valuable help friend.

As you can see in the image, everything is updated and marked

No error is generated from UiPath assistant but changes are not saved - Only occurs in orchestrator

in the UiPath studio when debugging everything works perfect


Just to check can you give an absolute path rather than relative path and try to save please…

And which file are you checking?

When run from orchestrator the file gets saved in the appdata folder not in the folder where you developed the bot. Because when ran from orchestrator the package is downloaded into a temp location on appdata folder in .nuget folders…as youa are usi g relative path it saves in that folder


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Thank you very much for your help, I entered the absolute path as you suggested and it worked, the changes have been saved successfully

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