Update file from Orchestrator

Hello. I am excuting a workflow wich update a local Excel file. When I execute from the Studio it update correctly, but when I execute it from the orchestrator the Excel does’nt update (the job ends with no errors). I have changed the name of the file writing the entire local path in the workflow, but it does’nt work.
Thank you

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–Initially make sure that the orchestrator is connected to right machine
–Check whether correct process is run and is run with right robot tagged to the machine where we want this process to be executed
–if all these looks good, make sure that excel file path mentioned is correct and AUTOSAVE property in the property panel of EXCEL APPLICATION SCOPE is enabled

Cheers @Juan_Getronics

Thank you for your answer.
Everything seems to be right as you said in your answer… I attach a screen capture where you can see the job execution and the machine name in the robot settings. The autosave option in the Excel Application Scope is enabled too.

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Usually this error occurs when we pass a relative path of excel.
Please try passing the absolute path of the excel file & it will work. Try passing it through assets or config file.

Refer below link:-


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–is the process is using the updated version of the package
–kindly publish once again the project inthe studio and make sure that package version is used as CURRENT package inthe process
–Make sure that the file path of excel mentioned is correctly mentioned in the excel application scope like is with full path
Cheers @Juan_Getronics

Hi again, I’m still trying it.
I’m sure now that the workflow that orchestrator is executing IS NOT the latest version. What I did to make sure:

  • I changed the workflow, adding a new “Messagebox” activity
  • I tested on Studio - it works Ok
  • I published the project on Studio - it show me the 1.0.3 version
  • I updated the process on Orchestrator, and it seems ok - see screen capture
  • I executed a new job, and it doesn’t work - doesn’t show the Message box

So, I think that the process is not executing the las version of the package, but I don’t know why.
Thank you again friends!

works correctly by entering the absolute path, by default uipath gives you the relative path