Excel Application Scope is not saving it even after execution!

I’m using an Excel Application Scope for updating a sheet with some data. I’m able to see the changes in the real time. But once execution is completed, when I open the excel file, the sheet is reverted to the initial state; the changes were not saved. The file is a Macro Enabled sheet (*.xlsm). When I open the file manually, I’m getting the following warning message.

So I wonder if this is because UIPath is opening the file in read-only mode. Is that so? If it is, what is a way out?

Did you try this?

Save As > Tools (lower right side of Save As dialog) > General Options
Save the file with the unchecking the option.

Did you mean to uncheck ? I tried it, but it’s still the same. If I open the file manually by clicking on NO in the below warning message box, I’m able to edit and save the file.

But with UIPath Excel Application Scope, I’m not able to do it.