Excel Scope is not saving anymore. what am I doing wrong?

I posted this issue as a bug here: Excel file reverting back to previous save mid automation

I’m at the point now where none of my automations are working and I dont know if its a bug, or I’ve done something wrong. Basically my excel sheets are not saving whenever the excel application scope closes. An excel sheet will open, i’ll do a bunch of reading cells, writing cells etc. It’ll autosave the entire time. I have excel open and it says it is saving each time I do something. The excel scope will end and the workbook will close. when i have it open a few steps later, it opens with none of the changes that were made from the bot running. its like the bot didn’t just do a bunch of stuff while saving the entire time.

This was randomly happening to me, just enough to be annoying, but also working correctly a lot of the time. The only thing I did was update my packages in the manage packages section (thinking that might be why the automations were occasionally not saving) and now they fail every damn time. Is there some reason this would be happening?


Is the package you updated is in preview/beta? Then try switching back to the previous version which you said it’s working and try

Hope this may help you


none of the packages say preview/beta, but looking at the official uipath.excel.activities package, it lists a bunch of dependencies. should I have all those installed as well?

nevermind, i see that those dependencies are also installed when you install the main package

If all you’re doing is reading/writing cells/ranges then just use the Workbook Read Range and Workbook Write Range activities. Then you don’t need Excel Application Scope.

that’s not all I’m doing and I need the excel application scope. I’m trying to figure out why it isn’t saving correctly for me some of the time.

You don’t have the file manually open while you’re running the automation, do you?

no, it is only being opened and closed by the excel scope

I assume you have Save Changes checked for the Excel Application Scope. Maybe check the file in Windows Explorer (right click, choose properties) and see if it’s somehow read only.

yeah, the save changes is checked and the windows explorer shows that it is not read only. I think it has something to do with my packages. I realized most of my packages were out of date, so i updated them all. This went from a random problem to something that happens every single time now.

for analysis reasons give a try on using the save workbook activity on the end within the EAS

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If you upgraded the Excel activities package, maybe you have to re-add the Excel Application scope, and unfortunately, all the activities inside it. Basically build it from scratch with the new version. Don’t know that this will work, but it’s the next thing I’d try.

oh god… that will take a while

I would definitely recommend trying the Save workbook activity like @ppr suggested if it saves having to rebuild :slight_smile:

Yeah. Make sure you make a copy of the XAML file before starting.

Maybe you could just rebuild some of it and see if it works.

so, I have always had my excel application scope on the default settings. With the save as box checked my automation was saving over 1000 times before it the excel scope would close, and then reopen moments later to save another 1000 times. I’ve always thought that was obscene, but the thing worked so whatever. Well this morning I unchecked that box. I figure I already had the extra save workbook actions in before the scope closed so what would it hurt.

Well I’m happy to report that not only does my bot run about a zillion times faster, it also freaking works!! Somehow the insane amount of saves was causing an issue. Don’t know what, but I’m happy to report that the bot is working better than ever!

Thank you all so much for helping me work through the issue!!

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