Excel Activity on Remote Desktop Machine

Hi All,

I am developing a project using Native Citrix environment. I am developing the logic on my local machine and scraping some data from Remote desktop machine. I open the excel file on Remote machine by putting the command Win+R and put full excel path. Data is stored on the drive. Now I want to use excel activity like Read Range, Append using my local machine. No shared folder or IP address provided by the client. I used Attach Window inside this use excel application scope and put the excel path(RSD). But no luck.

Any suggestion or guideline for the same.



You need the access to the Excel then only you can use the Excel / Workbook activities

Else you need to go with only by Image automation

Hope this may help you


Thanks Srini,

Any other way??

Have you tested if you can access the disk on your local machine from the Citrix Remote Desktop? On my Citrix Remote Desktop I can access my local disk by going to “\\Client\C$”.


Not possible to access the RSD machine. My scenario is.

I am using Citrix Native for development.

Guys any idea?? Need some urgent help on this.