How to perform excel activity on citrix

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Is there any way to use excel activity on Citrix ???


yes of course we can use the typical EXCEL Activities in citrix buddy
Well did you face any issue with that
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@Palaniyappan Currently I am not working on that but in upcoming days i have to work on that.
And scenario is I need to work on that excel which is install on client machine. So how we will use the excel activity on that. like reading excel, and other operation???

yes same as how we do in our local machine, but only difference would be the way the data from excel is used, like pass those values as input or getting the value from the citrix and writing them to a excel, and that is usually handled with ocr activities or computer vision…apart from that everything same buddy
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I didnot understand.
If i need to open an excel file on citrix and need to do some activity on that excel file like(filter, copy, paste, delete etc) how it will identify that is excel sheet.??

well we will be passing the excel application scope with the excel file path right…
that would identify
Kindly correct me if i understood the query wrongly
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Is there any Computer vision activity?? I dont think so… So how Excel application scope activity will be called on Citrix machine my query is that basically…

Fine Usually excel application scope will take the file path as input and if the file is there in the citrix we can pass that to the excel application scope and within that scope we will be using read range, which will give us output variable of type datatable, that can be used in filter datatable, or output datatable or any other activity we want
And computer vision activities were brought up to enable us and robot to identify each and every element in citrix as a individual and selectable elements rather as a image
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There are two ways to do this:

  1. we can use excel application scope and use read range to read the data from excel and make all modification in database level and write that back to excel.
  2. we can also achieve this by using short cuts/Macros, since excel contains all possible Short cuts you can use them else you can invoke the macro inside Excel application.
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So basically, If we require to perfrom action on open Excel (Directly on excel not on datatable) then only and only option is we have to use Short cuts/ macros … Am i right???

Just Open excel, you can achieve this with start process activity as well.

yes we can either use Excel application scope with VISIBLE property in that activity checked that would open the excel and bring it to foreground of the screen and then we can perform the tasks we want, even to execute macro with activity named INVOKE VBA, it should be kept within this Excel application scope
we can use as @Divyashreem suggested with start process, but we need a excel application scope to perform a macro
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Yes … So what i understood is :-

  1. We need to take CV screen scope
  2. under that we need to take excel application scope and pass the path of that excel file which is stored in that citrix machine
  3. Read activity
  4. Than Shortcut / macros vba activity
    Am I understood correctly?? or is there any ither process @Palaniyappan @Divyashreem
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There are multiple ways to do it, you can choose your own way which is suitable for the process you are working on.

and this is for your scenario buddy, and there are many other ways that can be handled and is based on the scenario as @Divyashreem suggested
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Thank you @Divyashreem @Palaniyappan

No worries
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Hello Palaniyappan,

Am trying this scenario. I Need to read range of a excel file inside my VMware HVD Machine. To perform this, am using citrix. The citrix attach window selector like “” . The excel file path inside the HVD like “H:\Work\PM Global\Final Report.xlsm”. But I got error window (Ref: attachment). Please help me to perform this.

Use a KILL PROCESS activity where pass the input as “EXCEL” in ProcessName property
And then use excel application scope

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Thanks for the quick reply. Still facing the same issue