Excel automation inside citrix envrionment

Hi Team,

I need to perform excel automation. UiPath is installed in my local machine whereas the target excel application is on clients citrix environment which I am accessing via citrix workspace.

I believe we cant use normal excel automation activities like read range.

How do I read excel data in that case?

Please help


If you are using any Shared folder then keep that file inside of that folder and then you can automate that file from local system itself.

To do excel automation without excel application in local we can do, For that need to use excel workbook activities.

It will work


I have tested that it will not work. in the read range activity I am giving the path of excel present in citrix. Read range(workbook) is not able to read the file

there is no shared folder , only citrix system on which the file is present. What do you suggest then?

To automate any excel operations , File should be in your local or share drive otherwise we can’t able to automate.

Without using excel application in local machine we can able to automate, but without file we can’t.

To automate such cases need to install uipath studio in same environment.