Copy file from Remote machine to Local Machine


I need one urgent help. I am using UiPath in my machine and through RDC I m connecting client machine. Using Native Citrix I m doing couple of activities. That activities generated excel file that stored on client machine. Now I want to access this excel in my machine. How can I do this. No shared folder allow. No copy paste allow. Not even sent any emails with attachments. Client machine IP is also not ping with my machine.

Any idea or suggestions?


As per your comments there is no access to get the files from your remote machine.
are you able to connect your VM machine through RDP. if you are able to connect we can enable the clipboard using following path on the RDP
Run->mstsc.exe-> Local Resources-> enable clipboard.

once we enable this option you can have ability to copy and paste the files from your remote machine to local.


Not working. Same is enable on my machine.

Hi Bro,

I understood you are working on restricted environment but at least we should get some scp or sftp access then only we will be able to transfer files.

please try below method. after enabling c drive in local resources i am able to access my local machine c drive in remote machine via \tsclient\C

I tried but security reason tsclient blocked my Admin side.

Bro you have to check with your IT admin to allow you any one of the options to get the file from your remote machine. in my opinion there is no other go. thanks

Thanks Bro.