Adding functionality for automating Remote Desktop/Citrix

The UiRemoteRuntime works very well, really good work! I have some suggestions for additional functionality:

In “Open Application activity” we have the option to chose selector, which helps a lot when you work against RDC and Citrix because it makes the program open inside that session/window. This f.e opens Excel:

  1. Would it be possible to add something similar to for example “Excel Scope activity” to enable us to use Excel activities inside the Remote Desktop/Citrix?
  • This would helpful because we wouldn’t have to use clicks, copy, paste, and cumbersome data manipulation to work with excel on RDC/Citrix.

  • I guess it then could be enough to have Excel(O365) license on the target machine and not where you run nor develop the robot.
    I am sure there are more benefits, if it is possible to implement!

  1. One step further would be to add a scope/attach where you again indicate the RDC/Citrix session, and all activities inside, targets that session/window. So, in an “assign activity”:
    allFiles = “Directory.GetFiles("C:\Users\Public")”
    would give the files in that folder inside the RDC/Citrix session.
    Create/move/delete files, kill processes and other small, common task would work the same, inside the target session.

A lot of new updates this year, continue the great work!

Thank you for your suggestion. I added it to our internal ideas tracker for our team to consider.