Estimated benefits problem


When doing the initial assessment, our yearly benefits are estimated at (let’s just say) $15000 for a given automation. This is displayed in several places, for example in the “About” page, and in the dashboard “Automation Program Performance”.

Super. But wait… :slight_smile:

After doing the Cost Benefit Analysis, where we add one-time and running costs, the benefits in the Cost Benefits Analysis page (the column diagram in the upper right, showing year 1 and 2) is updated just fine with the adjusted benefits, but our dashboard (Automation Program Performance) and the About page still shows the original (now outdated) benefits.

Can anyone explain?


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Hi @jjes,
Could you provide some screenshots and examples what is this exactly related to so I could inform the right people?

Hi @jjes ,

In the Cost-Benefit Analysis page you can:

  • Refine the Automation Potential % to a more accurate value, which will impact the Estimated benefits in annualized hours, cost savings and FTEs, and this value will be updated accordingly in the Automation Pipeline and all the other dashboards and About page. Details here.
  • After defining the cost perspective (implementation costs, running costs), what you see in the Cost-Benefit Analysis page - view mode is the NET BENEFIT, which is different than the estimated benefits. Details here.

In conclusion, the pre-built dashboards do not have the intention of displaying the net benefit (they are not labeled as having this purpose), but the estimated benefit.

Custom visualization needs can be covered today by leveraging the OpenAPI to extract the data and build them as needed.
Additional visualization capabilities will be supported in the second half of 2021, following an integration with UiPath Insights.

Kind regards,

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Thanks @Iulia_Istrate