Detailed assessment KPIs calculations

Hi All,

I wanted to use a guideline provided by UiPath related with Detailed assessment KPIs.
Base on one example can you please assist me to understand how to make calculation and how to read results

Benefit per company (hours saved/year)
Total time needed to perform the work - AS IS → HOURS_PER_YEAR
Automation Potential → AUTOMATION_POTENTIAL

Now let say
HOURS_PER_YEAR = 283 , 1024

Should I do
=ROUND(283 x 98%/100,0) = 3
=ROUND(1024 x 99%/100,0) = 10

the results are 10 and 3 so should I assume that when I have a higher number automation potential is just better? And do I have a good calculation?

Thank you


Thank you for your respond but I do not get it. How it is reffer to my question.
Im just asking about the formula which is provide by UiPath and if I understand this correctly, and how to read results

HI @Malgorzata_Nitecka-Kubick

Please follow the below post: see if that helps:

How Are The Benefits Calculated In Automation Hub? - News / Knowledge Base - UiPath Community Forum

  • The Benefit in hours saved is computed as the Automation Potential % * Total Time Needed to Perform the Work - AS IS Process (hours/year)
  • The Benefit in money is computed as the Automation Potential % * Cost/year for the process AS IS