Errors in framework download for advanced certification

Hi Team,

For advanced certification we need to download framework from GitHub and when i am trying to open GetAllCredentials i am facing an issue like request credential ,Add credential sequences is not found .
attached are the screenshot errors please help me
can someone help me how to fix the issue.

Hi @rajithanallagatla

Please install/repair this package:

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Thank you

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Hi ,

can i know the Package which needs to be installed inorder to activate Typeinto activity?

Thanks in advance

@rajithanallagatla Install UiPath.Core.Actvities

Hi Indira,
I am unable to find that activity.could you please help me

I am unable to solve the error of ty0e into activity .attached is the screenshot with error.

@rajithanallagatla Below post having troubleshooting guide from that you can find the solution