Error with Ui Elements when running from Orchestrator


When I am Loged in at the Workstation with a service user. I am able to start the Prozess with the UiPath Assistant and it is running with out any problems.
As soon as I a sign off and try to run the process from the orchestrator the non ui activities are working like sending mail etc. but as soon as it is opening the browser I am getting the error:

RemoteException wrapping UiPath.Core.ElementOperationException: Desktop has been disconnected while performing UI actions. —> RemoteException wrapping System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException: Desktop has been disconnected while performing UI actions.

So it is only working when I am watching via RDP^^
The workstation has no display connected.

Does anyone has an idea what could cause the issue?

Friendly regards, Robert

Hi @robert.becksteiner

Hope this helps

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I found this but it is a little bit complicated explained.
To sum it up for others:
Your Workstation had no display connected. When we were connected via RDP it was working because the screen resolution was taken from the active RDP connection.
When the roboter tried to connect it was take a default resolution which was not compatible with the process.
Solution with modern folder:
At the orchestrator menu got to the user section: Edit the user which is running the process and enter in the last tap Robot SettingsResolution Width & Height with the same as your development maschine.

Now everything is working fine with unattanded processes. :slight_smile:

Solution with classic folder:
You will find the same settings unter the section Robots → Edit Roboter → Tab Settings

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