Desktop has been disconnected while performing UI actions - Troubleshoot steps

Please follow the below details for more understanding on the issue.

Error Message: desktop had been disconnected while performing UI actions

Majority of such issues any user faces when the resolution configuration is not defined for the specific Robot. And the behavior would be the moment you open up the Robot server - the process would run end to end without any issue.

How to apply the resolution

However, there could be also below possible reason as well:

  1. The issue can occur even if remote desktop is minimized:
    Also, To perform any UiAction like click, typeinto etc. The robot needs an interactive session to work on.
    When we minimize the RDP window the interactive session gets lost and hence this error pops up.

Note: Minimizing the desktop window / Login to the Robot server when the process is being executed in unattended mode - It’s not supported.

  1. You get this error also in cases where the application window the robot is trying to manipulate, is for some reason moved partially outside the desktop. Or in cases where an application has a window within a window and the inner window is not fully visible to the robot.
    In these scenarios, try setting various properties available for click ‘Simulate’, ‘Send windows Message’ or user ‘Send hotkey’

  2. If an RDP connection is started on the robot machine and this machine loses internet connection, even for a few seconds, the Robot throws a “Desktop has been disconnected…” exception
    Please refer ‘note’ section in the following link

  3. This occurs when a user is connected with RDP to the Robot machine and the RDP disconnects at some point or the user login manually. We recommend to sign off all the users from the Robot machines before executing a job.

Make the necessary suggested changes to solved the issue.

  1. Reach out to the IT team on issues related to WebSocket breakdown.