Error while using REFramework_urgent

Dear Team,

Iam trying to work on data tables using REFramework, I upload the new file in the init stage and than under Get Transaction Data I change the workflow under Invoke…here the argument type for Transaction item is changed to and the same is done in the main file and also in the main file i change the Transaction Number defualt value from1 to zero…after saving the import argument under t he Get Transaction data…here the argument type of Transaction Item is auto changed to datarow type as above…however at the same time I keep on getting validation error alert…Can someone please tell me what iam doingwrong here.

Cannot really see the error that you have received.
But there are catch and finally sections where the argument is used in invoke and you have to make changes there as well for datattype change

Yes I did made the changes wherever applicable…still it is giving me the same error…Do you have any problem/Solution categroy…I mean kidn of case studies to refer and learn


have you done the assignments on academy. They have some use cases to do and its helpful to get started with

Yes but not all…

great. Advice you to try and complete them for learning purpose.

If you want to learn more there are many threads in the community with real-time issues and scenarios.
You can help resolve them :slight_smile: