Error to converting queue item as datarow in Reframwork

Hi team,

I’m using data row as transaction item , I changed all the transaction item as data row (949.2 KB)
and delete the get transaction item but i’m still facing the issue can anyone please help me on this, below attaching xaml for reference,

Thank You

@njain what is the error


That’s the error.

@njain need to check something wrong in argument passing.

check this

Passing argument only in Login Xaml and that the direction is in.

This is the argument you still need to update :

After you’ve updated it, right click on the activity, click on Find References (you’ll have 3 references in total), and for each reference click on “Import Arguments” so that you can update the argument value.

Yes you need to check your Get Transaction workflow Arguments

Its working fine.
Thanks for the help.

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