Doubt about the use of reframework with data rows

Good afternoon friends;

I am learning the use of the UiPath ReFramework, but I have some doubts.

The first thing to do is to change TransactionItem from queue to datarow, to be able to test it in excel, but it generates some errors, can someone give me a hand?

Thank you so much (959.1 KB)

Hi @Lynx

You can watch these tutorial RE-Framework Live Excel Project UiPath | Input and Output From/To Excel | UiPath RPA - YouTube and follow all the steps from the begininng and you will get a idea how to convert transactionitem to datarow.

Naman Jain

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It happens. If you delete the value “Nothing”, save the workflow, and then set the value to Nothing again, the validation error would go away, assuming you correctly set the variable type.

Thank you very much @nameless , your advice worked for me

No worries! I know it’s a weird glitch and counterintuitive when you’re just starting.

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