If: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.(reframework)

I did pass data table to a transaction data from initialization but in get transaction data in reframework I am receiving an error if: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

below is the screenshot , anyone has an idea ? thank you.


any idea would be appreciated thanks.

Assign Transaction item: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

Hello @Jelrey ,

Can you send a screenshot with the Arguments page?
Maybe the direction of arguments might not be right.

Can you put there some write line/log messages to check if the values are getting correctly send from a workflow to another?

Might help.



From the description, based on the naming convention, the values should be like:

  1. in_TransactionNumber = IN (argument)
  2. io_TransactionData = IN/Out (argument)
  3. out_transactionItem = Out (argument)

So, if you ask meat least all these three arguments should be in that Invoke Workflow arguments.

You must recheck how you configured the arguments in your workflow. The direction is not good, so that’s the reason why the error appear.


The screenshot above is still in Initialization , it is not on get transaction data .

Hello, @Jelrey
Please check the followings,

  1. Check whether your are getting data correctly in “io_TransactionData” DataTable.
  2. “out_TransactionItem” argument type should be “DataRow”.
  3. Assign Transaction item should be → out_TransactionItem = io_TransactionData.Rows(in_TransactionNumber - 1)

you see the error did not occur or reach the GetTransactionData in reframework , it did occur on initialization that causes the error f: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

you see I have a library , the output of the library is a data table , and I use out argument to assign it outside to Transaction data

and then assigning the data table to TransactionData

yeah this is all correct I already check bro but the issue is on the initialization

Try Either

  1. Instead of output loan_DT, Directly mention “io_TransactionData”, ie output = “io_TransactionData”.
  2. Assign activity → loan_DT = io_TransactionData.
  3. Check argument in/out direction.
    your problem is Assigning the “io_TransactionData” correctly.

I think it is just the same process with yours cause in mine after I assign loan_DT to TransactionData I assigned it to io_Trans in GetTransactionData . The main problem is why is that it giving me that error when I assign loan_DT to TransactionData.

Check In and Out dataflow with “Write Line” activity.

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