Unable to find Error in Process Transaction State-RE Framework

When I Changed The Data type of TransactionItem to datarow Then even after changing the in_ Transaction item argument to datarow and assgin value as TransactionItem in Argument Panel .I am Getting error in Process Transaction State(Its is showing One or more children have validation error ).

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@Abhishek14 You workflow will be having error please check it once. Error might be edit arguments options in invoke workflow file activity or related to variables

Hello Abhishek,

Open “SetTransactionStatus.xaml” and change the argument type to DataRow for in_TransactionItem argument then open Main.xaml and go to Main → General Business → Process Transaction open Finally section, you need to change in argument type of “in_TransactionItem” argument as well.

For your reference, I have modified the Reframework to accept the Data type of TransactionItem to datarow and attached the zip file: ReFrameWork-DataRow.zip (1.7 MB)

Hope this will work for you.


Thank You Very Much Nitin…

Thank You @Manjuts90

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