Error while trying to remove a Robot on Orchestrator

I’m getting an error message when I try to remove a robot from Orchestrator that is not being used anymore.


Could you please advise?

Hi @acaciomelo,

Hoping this is similar to your issue, worth a shot:

Have you checked your access to Delete robots is enabled:


I remember we had an issue like this after upgrading from 2017 to 2018 Orchestrator. After upgrade, the Robots were messed up, and when trying to delete the messed up ones, we would get an error has occurred. It ended up being some incorrect values in the SQL database, which if I remember right was manually fixed with a SQL connection.

We were working with an UiPath rep that was helping install the Orchestrator, though, so I don’t remember the exact details of the fix.

Hi @PD2

Yes, I do have permissions cuz I have the Administrator role within Orchestrator.

Hi @acaciomelo,

Please check the event viewer on Orchestrator server. The error there might have more details that would help you.
What is the version of Orchestrator?


Hi @Andrei_Oprea,

What kind of event are you expecting? I couldn’t find any error related to that.

Orchestrator version:

Any kind of error displayed as source Orchestrator might help.
Also, please log a support ticket. As @ClaytonM said, it might be some corruption in the db and we won’t be able to solve it on the forum.


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