How to contact support?

Attempting to remove Robot returns a “An error occurred” error. Investigation on the forum shows that similar has been resolved through working with the SQL DB, but it was done with direct support, and a service ticket needed to be filed.

I can’t seem to find anyway to file a service ticket, can anyone help point me in the right direction?


Welcome to the uipath community.

You can contact Uipath support team from below thread and please fill the below details.


Hello! Thank you for the support, I attempted to reach out, however it seems the captcha is broken, as any attempts to click the photos results in the popup going all white and becoming unusable. Is there an email address I can go directly through?

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I’ve PM’d you the email address.

Will you PM me the support address as well? Or simply post it here? I cannot file a support ticket through the website (keeps erroring out stating it cannot create a new support case) … and the website crashed last night during my practical exam portion of the certification tests. I’ve tried many browsers and cannot find a solution … and I worry I’ll waste another 1/2 day taking another test if we don’t figure out why this happened…

Unsure if it is allowed to be posted on the forums as I am sure they’d rather you use the proper channel.

@ovi @loginerror can you guys assist?

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Please try to use the contact form on a different browser.

A screenshot of the issue would also be appreciated :slight_smile: