Cannot delete robots from Orchestrator (An error has occured)


I am trying to delete robot from Orchestrator. There are no jobs, schedules or anything else connected to the [robot]. While deleting I just get the error message : “an error has occured”.

I have also checked all the rights.
Kindly help with some solution.

Is it on-prem or cloud-based? If it’s on-prem, try rebooting.

Are you able to edit the robot settings? Are you sure the robot is not connected to a machine?

Hi Dave,
It’s cloud-based. Able to edit the robot settings and the robot is not connected to the machine.

Does the user attempting to delete the robot have the permission to delete robots? You have to make sure the ‘Delete’ checkbox is checked for whatever role that person is using. That’s the only other thing that I can think of that may be preventing it from working if you’re 100% sure it’s disconnected from everything else

Yes Delete access is there from the Orchestrator. Any more access is required from DB end also?