Can't Delete Robot at all from on-prem enterprise orchestrator!

I am using an enterprise production orchestrator hosted on our on-prem servers. I was trying to delete a robot but it is giving out a not-so-helpful error message.
I have deleted the environment and was trying to delete the robot before deleting the machine. But, no matter how many times I try, I am not able to delete it.


As per what I see, you are having an enterprise version and are having certain robot connected to the Orchestrator. And you are trying to delete the robot from this particular orchestrator.

I have faced the same issue, and I figured out that I was not having user-rights to perform such actions. I asked my lead, who was having such rights, to perform this activity for me.

I suggest you connect with someone to who has rights.

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Hi Hacky,
I am the owner of the orchestrator in my organisation and have administrator rights. I was able to delete the environment and even bots on our test instance but this one just refuses to go.


Is it possible to restart the Orchestrator (from IIS server) instance and re-try?

Done that as well. I checked the event log and found this:

Not sure what it means

Solved this. Turns out the master account used for installing and running Uipath orchestrator didn’t have privileges to mark a robot as deleted on the logging MS SQL Server database. Once provided database owner access, the error was gone!

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