"An error has occurred" on Robot page in Orchestrator

I changed Robot Type from ‘Attended’ to ‘Studio’.
This change started me to give error “An error has occurred” on Robot page.

So, I deleted a Robot from Orchestrator > Robots page. When i tried to delete the machine, it’s giving error that “The machine cannot be deleted because it has robots attached to it (#1202)”. I see no Robot attached to it in Machine Info icon > View Robots.

When i go to Robots page, it gives error “An error has occurred”.

I logout of Orchestrator and logged-in again; still not working.

Could you please help me into this?

Hi @gopal_1981
is it platform.uipath.com

ashwin S

@AshwinS2, Yes. It’s platform.uipath.com

I don’t know what happened. When i restarted my laptop and logged in again to Orchestrator; I could see the old Robot (which i deleted before restarting). But this time, it displayed as Inactive.
I deleted that Robot entry again and then able to delete the Machine too. I don’t see above mentioned errors now.

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