Error while trying to read a range from excel

Read Range: The process cannot access the file ‘****CustID_1111.xlsx’ because it is being used by another process.

*** is the path.
The excel is not open but this error is thrown. Does anyone have an idea why this is happening?

Background of what I am trying to achieve : I am trying to read some entries from an excel and I want to add these to a queue, pick the data from queue & search relevant data from a website and save corresponding data to another excel.

Hi @Manjari_Ramadas

Check whether the excel file is corrupted or

Check the excel activitiy is in latest versions

Nived N

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Thanks for the quick response @NIVED_NAMBIAR.
Excel is latest version not sure if its corrupted for any reason though. Let me check.

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Hi @Manjari_Ramadas

If u are using excel application scope, instead of that try using workbook activitiy

Hope it helps yo

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Pulled the do block out of excel app scope and the step went through. Thanks again @NIVED_NAMBIAR

I didn’t understand what u said @Manjari_Ramadas

Did u tried with workbook activitiy?

what do you mean workbook activity? I suppose you are referring to teh Read Range activity?

I was using Read Range under Excel Application Scope. I pulled it out of the scope and used directly. It works.

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Can u share screenshot of that workflow

I think the error would be

You had used workbook read range activitiy under excel application scope

So excel application scope is using the excel file

So that is why the error is thrown

Refer for more information

Hope it helps

Nived N

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