Read range exception

Hi iam getting the below error

Message : Read range : The process cannot access the file ‘D:\RPA\UiPath\CW1EDI\Datas\BRK\AESCR001.xlsx’ because it is being used by another process.

Source : Read range

Exception type IO Exception :

Make sure that you have kept that Read Range activity inside Excel activity scope(Excel->Read Range activity) and the file is closed while running the artifact.
If using (File->Workbook->Read Range) then also make sure that the file is not open.


hi this is my bot
File.xaml (10.8 KB)
can some one look at it and help me please

Hi, @nagu
I cannot See your flow…
When i am download your robot its shows only code…
Resend the robot correctly…

Hi, @Hemanth even I faced the same problem, you have to download the code save it as a file,then through uipath need to open that file.
we cant open it directly.
Thank you

Hi @nagu,

Could you send your folder for testing?

Hoang Anh.

hello @nagu,

In your Flowchart having a small issus…
Your are using Excel scope Application with the name of Filename.ToString and then you are using Workbook read range activity with the same name of Filename.ToString
Excel Activity and Workbook Activity are different…
So try relevant read range Activity to Excel scope application…


@Hemanth thankyou Hemanth it worked
@anhth15 tahnkyou for the response and sorry as per the company nom’s I should not share the files.

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