Getting error in Reading Excel Application Scope

I m reading Excel for the first time but then too I m getting Error like Excel Application is in used.

What i have done is I first printed datatable in one sheet then I m reading it again.

So i m getting the error while reading it.

Please help ASAP

Hi @Doonline ,

If you are using Workbook → Read Range Activity then it won’t let you interact with Excel if that workbook is left open.

Could you try using the Excel → Excel Application Scope → Read Range Activity and try again?


If the issue persists, would you be so kind as to include a snapshot of your workflow and the error so that we may be in a better position to assist you?

Kind Regards,
Ashwin A.K

Hi @Doonline,

There are two ways to read excel file using below activities.

  1. Read Range using workbook
  2. Read Range must be inside the Excel Application Scope using Excel
    Kindly, provide exact exception message. so, that we can look into it.


Hi @Doonline,

You can follow any of the below point to resolve you issue .

  1. Try not to use excel file while reading from Workbook - Read Range Activity.
  2. Use Excel application Scope -Read Range activity to read the file (you can use excel file with this activity) .

If still issue persist please share screenshot for the same.


Hello Doonline,
If you please share with screen of your process to check it also make sure that you did not add all your activities in excel scope activity as if you do that so your sheet will be open and not closed so you can only add read range activity in excel scope and other activities outside excel scope.

Hi @Doonline

Make sure work book / Excel is closed while running the process

I would recommend to
use a kill process activity before to this Read Range activity and mention the property PROCESS NAME as “EXCEL” that would close the excel before you read it.

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