Error: Read Range: Not a legal OleAut date

Been getting this error when i do read range on an excel file.


You’re using read range of workbook.
can you try using excel application scope and its read range.


tried using the excel application scope but encountered the following error

Read Range: The process cannot access the file ‘C:\xxxx\data files\con_d_JLOrders.xlsm’ because it is being used by another process.

Hi @Henson_Ibon

Use another read range activity it will not ask for file path

Because it is already used by excel application scope.thats what the error indicates…


here is the error

Is the sheet (sheet1) present in the excel…


Please try these steps,

Remove read range from the excel application scope.

Add delay (5 to 10 seconds) after the first excel application scope

Add another Excel application scope and put read range on it.


I guess that we must provide full path to excel app scope.
bot is unable to find file hence it’s creating new file with sheet1 which is right now empty.