Error when trying to copy and paste as image

We are working on copying data from several Excel files and pasting them as image in Word. It works if we have only one paste activity but as soon as we add another copy/paste it gives the below error

Hi @firas ,

Try clearing clipboard before using again. set it to blank



Thank you for your prompt reply. i don’t have this option in StudioX

Hi @firas ,

before copying the second image to empty clipboard try copying any blank value or a standard string.


You should use the appropriate activities instead of copy/pasting.

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Thank you @Anil_G i will try that when i go back to work tomorrow!

Thanks @postwick for this great suggestion; it seems that i complicated it for myself :sweat_smile: i will try the screenshot option as well…one question if you allow me…how can I take a screen shot for specific Excel range?

I already tried add image but it did not work either!

I’m not sure. You’d have to find a way to identify the clipping region and provide that to the screenshot activity.

the solution was to add a delay after the copying activity!

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