Paste Special of Excel Range into Word as Picture (Enhanced Metafile)

Hello! First-time poster.

I want to know if it’s possible to copy a range of specially formatted cells from an Excel file and perform a paste special as Picture (Enhanced Metafile) into a Word template?

Any guidance is greatly appreciated!


Sharing my thoughts regarding for the requirement you mentioned.

  1. Use excel file activity to open the excel file.

  2. Use copy chart to clipboard activity. I think it should copy the image / chart to clipboard.

  3. Once we got our image in clipboard use the below activity in the uipath docs to paste the chart/image into word document. Please try and let us know. Thanks.

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Have a view on this thread with a sample xaml in saving range of excel as a image

and post to that we can add that to word document with Word package

Go to design tab → Manage Packages-> all package and search for UiPath.Word and install it

In that we have an activity called

Cheers @Aaron_M_Conroy

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Thank you, Palaniyappan! I will try today and respond back if this is the solution.

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Thank you, Kirankumar! I will try today and respond back if this is the solution.

@Kirankumar - I was not successful in getting your solution to work, but I did not spend a great deal of time trying to figure it out, as an easier solution became apparent to me as I was exploring. Thank you, and @Palaniyappan for responding so quickly! I greatly appreciate the support! Have a great day!