I cant able to use "Excel sheet to image" activity in uipath 2021 version. Is their any other method to resolve this issue

Suggest any other activity suitable with 2021 Version


Try like this,

This can be done in UiPath with SendHotKeys - try with this, open the excel file using the Excel application scope and select the range you want to copy as image. Then use these keys Alt + H C P in SendHotkey activity, that will open the Excel’s “Copy Picture” popup. Then use as per your need.

Select a cell, a range or an object, press the Alt key and release it before you press H, C, P and Enter.


@Gopikrishna_S I did try this activity but I can suggest another way

  1. Use the “Open Application” activity to open the Excel application and open the desired Excel file.
  2. Use the “Maximize Window” activity to ensure the Excel window is maximized on the screen.
  3. Use the “Select Range” activity to select the entire range of cells that you want to capture as an image.
  4. Use the “Take Screenshot” activity to capture the selected range as an image.
  5. Save the captured image to the desired location using the “Save Image” activity.

I need this Copied Picture as seperate image file in a folder, how to get it @sarathi125


By clicking on the OK button in the Copy Picture popup, the image would be stored in ClipBoard, from there you can save it.

Check this link

thanks got the solution, another question is how to close paint application after saving the image file


use Close application to close Paint, else Kill the Paint exe.

Hi @Gopikrishna_S ,

Take a look on this activity “Image Extract” form this “UiPath Go ! BalaReva EasyExcel Activities


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