Using Take screenshot activity in UIPath studioX

Hi, can anyone please guide me how to take a screenshot and paste it in excel sheet in studioX

The steps are:

  1. “Use Browser/Application” and point to the app/site you want to take the screenshot from
  2. Add the “Take Screenshot” activity and indicate the area for the screenshot. Select “Clipboard” as destination
  3. Use “Copy/Paste range” activity to paste in the Excel file: Source is “Clipboard”, destination is “Indicate in Excel” where you want to paste the screenshot

I don’t see “Take Screenshot” activity in the current version of StudioX (I have StudioX 2020.10.6). Is upgrading the only way to get this activity? It appears it is in the UIAutomation.Activities package, which requires an update, but not the UIAutomationNext.Activities package.

Hi @flavius, thanks for your information.

however, when I tested it in StudioX 2020.10.7, it’s throwing an error like in screenshot below.

could you please send us the solution for this.

I ran into the same error. I tried to copy a screenshot over to excel. I used StudioX 2020.10.6. @flavius can you advise if there’s any way to work around it? Thanks in advance!

Hey @lexiz and @ikoboo ,
take a look this workflow. It’s works fine. (57.1 KB)

Thank you @pikorpa For some reason, I wasn’t able to view the flow. Could you send screenshots if possible?


Och. It’s weird.
Maybe you will use ‘Manage packages’ and you will install missing dependencies.

Or maybe you will open project.json - not alone workflow file