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Hi, I took a screenshot using Take Screenshot activity and have it in my clipboard.
Then I went on to Excel and want to paste it to a specific cell in Excel.
However, I get error from Get From Clipboard saying “Empty clipboard”. I checked again manually after the Take Screenshot activity and the screenshot was indeed in the clipboard. How to solve this? Thank you!

Hi @Hou_Paang_Soul

Check this thread

Hope it helps!!

Hey @Hou_Paang_Soul
and then follow the below thread

Hi @Hou_Paang_Soul

Give some delay before the copy from clipboard activity.
Try this:

Can you please tell me where can i find that"Add image activity"??

Hello @Hou_Paang_Soul

Use hotkeys to paste the image into excel


Hey u can use Balareva Easy Excel activities
I have implemented and attached the file here (18.7 KB)

Hope it helps you out!!

Hi! I can get text from the activity, however there seem to have some problem with images. How do i solve it?

Hi @Hou_Paang_Soul

Use keyboard shortcut (e.g., Ctrl + A) to select all the text.
Use the “Copy Selected Text” activity from the UiPath Computer Vision package to copy the selected text from the email body.
Use the “Get From Clipboard” activity to retrieve the copied text into a variable.

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