Error when running process from UiPath Orchestrator

Hi guys,

I am have an issue when running my process from UiPath orchestrator. The process executes successfully when run from UiPath robot (system tray) but throws error when i run from orchestrator:

Any help in resolving this will be greatly appreciated.


It’s refers to provided credentials are invalid. Could you check whether you provided proper credentials or not at the time of creating this BOT.

Hi @lakshman i changed the password in robot settings on orchestrator but this didn’t resolve it. Still getting same message as above

make sure you have user name as PC_NAME\USER_NAME

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Open CMD prompt in that Robot machine and type below command like whoami and it will give you DomainName\UserName and same you have to enter under UserName and enter corresponding password of that system.

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@lakshman @bcorrea Issue now resolved, thank you guys for your replies :+1:



Glad to help you. Happy Automation :slight_smile:

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