Error when read from PDF file


I have tried to read content from PDF file as attach file… but it might has issue.

Could you pls answer to me about this issue ?

Thanks so much!!

The issue is with the selector.
Please use UIExplorer to find the right selector.
And also check if the title in the selector is matching with the PDF file.
If title is dynamic, set tile=’*’ in the selector.

Karthik Byggari

Dear Mr.Byggari

Sorry, i’m new mem.

could you pls explain clearly to me… Attached file is the UiExplorer Window

Replace the marked part in the selector (if only one pdf is open) with title='Invoice*'
And also try unchecking the last three options in the screenshot (previous post).

Dear Mr.Karthik

I have tried to edit but still error.

Thanks you!

Similarly you can do the same for the name attribute. Set name='*'
Because the value is dynamic and will keep changing for each Invoice.

Dear Mr.Karthik,

I only open one pdf file. I have tried to edit some setting but the validation seem still error.

I want to take a number with " Grand Total " from invoice as below

This is the example which shown in the UIPath Academy right.
You are missing something in the selector.
Please use the same selectors as shown in the video (refer the link below).

By the way, you should never omit the attribute type app (in basic recording).
Please refer the video and sample workflows here -

Karthik Byggari

Thanks you so much! I will re-check ^^

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