Selectors work in PDF files

Why my title attribute It’s not ‘date’ and ‘date’ it’s a name attribute? I 'm trying to do a selector that get a value date from an invoice file type PDF but not recognize the selector and consequently it’s not get the value correctly. If I try to modify the title attribute the selector is not work. What can I do?


We cant use selectors in pdf

We can extract the pdf data using document understanding or read pdf text activity


Thank you so much for your time! But It’s possible to use selectors with PDF. There are a lesson about this it in course “RPA Developer Foundation”. In fact, in this course there is a lesson “PDF in automation Studio” which there is a point name it “Extracting Data using Anchor Base”.

There is someone who know how fix it?

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Hi @Carmen_Tur ,

Can you let us know what is the Output that you get? Or Do you get an Error ?

If you do get the Wrong Output, Maybe you can Change the Anchor Position Property of Anchor Base to the Position of the Anchor i.e in your case I believe the Anchor is on the Left Side.

By Default, The Anchor Position would be Auto, sometimes it does give out weird results.

Also, as Suggested by @Robinnavinraj_S , if the file is a Digital PDF, we can use Read PDF Text and then maybe use String Manipulation/regex to get the Data we need.

However, I believe this is for learning purposes, or else I would also have suggested the other approach.

Let us know if the anchor doesn’t work.

Effectively, @supermanPunch is a task for learning purpose. I have to do with selectors. Apparently is an easy task (If I do the steps to tutorial) but I dont know why, when I choose a selector my attribute title doesn’t take correct values.

In theory, the attribute title take “date” but my attribute title take “Perfect Match.pdf - Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (64-bit)”. I’ve tried to configure ui frameworks by default, active accessibility and ui automation but result is the same.

Now it give me this error:

Attach Window ‘acrord32.exe Perfect’: No open windows found for ‘acrord32.exe’. Please check if the application is running.

and when I downloaded the solution, neither works. I don’t know if it is a problem in the pdf file, at my program or my workflow.

Is versioning the issue somewhere?
Your ‘attach window’ seems to reference Acrord32.exe, which is Abode reader (32-bit)
then your selector has Acrobat.exe, which is abode Acrobat Pro.

Looks like it you may be opening it in one, then looking for the other.