Problems while reading a PDF

I have a problem while reading a PDF file. There is no unique selector on any fields on the PDF. I used the get Text activity but the activity is reading the whole file and not that specific item i want. I want to get the data using a dynamic way where I could us the bot to read from different files of same type.

I need some advice as how to proceed with this problem and if there is any solutions to it.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hello @tekanand_roopnarain and welcome to the community!

If the type of PDFs are the same, I would suggest that you try to read the PDF with Read PDF activity (you can find this Package of Activities in the Package Manager).
After that try to do some kind of string manipulation to get the data that you want, it is more precise than using selectors and Get Text activity.

Could you attack 1 or 2 PDF files that you are trying to extract information from, so we could see and maybe help you with the solution :slight_smile:

Hello @tekanand_roopnarain,

Also, please check this article related to reading pdf files with UiPath.


I’ll do that.


Hello! In case you need to try some other options, there are some components on Go! that deal specifically with PDF files: