Dynamic Selector using Wildcard Asterisk (*)

Dear Community,

I’ve been watching tutorials lately and have a difficult on getting the data from PDF.

The goal of the tutorial is to get the total amount of each invoices using for each loop, So I used GetText activity to get the total amount.

As I followed the instruction it says that to make it dynamic and get the total amount use the (*) and replace the current value of ctrl name


but what happen is if i run the file the output changed into
Thank you for your business! which is the value prior to the Total value.

I think the selector move the selected element to the first column after I replaced the Default value to (*).

is it possible to identify the specific column in the pdf table using selector editor?

Thank you in advance

Here is the PDF sample.

Hi @KennethRB

Did u Tried regex?

Hi! Thank You for responding. This is my first week learning UiPath and as of now I havent tried regex also I don’t have any idea on how to use it. But will search for it, thanks and have a nice day Nived!.

so when u put the attribute as * is the selector is being validated and also is it highlighting the total amount correctly?


Welcome to forums

Just check whether you are getting the selectors as stable

If not then use Read PDF activity if PDF file is not a Image based, which will extract as a text, then use regex to find the correct amount

This will be the easy approach

Hope this helps you


Before I run the program I validated the GetText activity and click

Highlight Button

it highlighted the Amount as indication that I selected the right element. But after I replace the Name Value on the Edit Selector to (*), validated (it turned into green) but when I tick the Highlight again it highlighted the Thank you for your business!.

This is the before image.

and After

that is why I am getting wrong value. Please Help.

Hello ksrinu070184,

I want to make a dynamic selector of amount in pdf and It is a text based, with that being said. If I proceed on using regex to find the correct amount it should be dynamic right?

I have here the sample on the selector editor.

<wnd aaname='Document Pane' cls='AVL_AVView' title='AVScrolledPageView' />
<wnd cls='AVL_AVView' title='AVPageView' />
<ctrl idx='7' role='row' />
<ctrl name='1 725,00' role='text' />

and I want this name attribute to be dynamic for 1000pdf files that i have. Hope you could help me.


Did you try to use Anchor Base activity? An Anchor would be a “TOTAL” and that could indicate a place where the amount is. But it will work if there is only one place where such a “TOTAL” sign is present and each PDF has the same structure.

Maybe that helps.